Great Stop-Motion from a small Brooklyn design firm.

This short stop-motion shows off the power of simple materials and lots of imagination.

Click on the link below and look closely and learn from this great piece of animation.

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“Schwarzes” (Revised)

Here is my video with various revisions in timing. Enjoy!

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‘Robotron’ is an in-progress claymation. Once I got the hang of how to animate something out of clay, I decide I to experiment with different types of shots, lighting and focuses.

Music by Aphex Twin

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A Short Love Story

Check out this link: A Short Love Story.  This piece will give you some insight into making a wire armature, creating sets and putting it all together. Enjoy!



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Oi Va Voi “Everytime” by Kijek / Adamski

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Art & Motion students attend performance at the Somerville Theatre

On Staturday, March 5,¬† students in the Art & Motion class attended a very cool concert at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square, Somerville. The Alloy Orchestra performed their new score on stage to the newly restored “Metropolis” which is a classic film by German director Fritz Lang. At times, it was hard to believe only three musician were making all those sounds. The musical score was synchronized perfectly with the narrative making the event a totally¬† visceral experience. The musicians are Roger Miller, synthesizer, Terry Donahue, percussion and accordion, and Ken Winokur, percussion and clarinet.

left to rt-Marc, Nicole, Carolyn, Emily, Lan, Cathryn inside the Somerville Theatre

students with founding member of the Alloy Orchestra, Roger Miller


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David Crawford/stop-motion studies

I discovered this artist while I was exploring a new programming code called Processing. It is a different way of thinking about stop-motion. I find the imagery to be haunting and dreamlike. To see more go to David Crawford’s web-site.

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