Past Projects

This section is a place for students,  alumni, and visiting artist who were a part of the course during the past six years. Many of these animations were made for projects in the class and can become a valuable resource for the current students. Several artists like Tony Fiandaca, Jason Bailey and Paul Cummings are alumni who have gone on to create unique work that will inspire and inform everyone interested in animation and digital media.

Matt Bennett/class of 2009

This animation, Brought to Life, by Matt Bennett, is a great example of what can be done with an inanimate object and lots of imagination.

Rory Magnus/class of 2006

Robot Dreaming was Rory’s final project. He completed most of the animation and added sound later. It was an incredible experience to watch him make this film using found objects and inventing lots of interesting effects with the material he had at hand. I never grow tired of watching this animation. At almost ten minutes in length, Robot Dreaming was a major undertaking.

Tony Fiandaca/class 2009

Tony Fiandaca(Art Dept) and Paul Cummings(Comm Arts) both graduated from Framingham Sate University around 2000. As room-mates they started playing around with film and stop-motion animation. This led to a successful relationship, which has produced animations for everyone from McDonalds to Zip Car. They continue to be frequent visitors to my class. Tony vs Paul has received almost six million hits on youtube since it was posted. Here is a selection of their work.

Emily Caffelle

Emily Caffelle is currently a senior at Framingham State University. She is currently taking an Independent study in Art & Motion and has developed a style uniquely her own. Using scraps of paper and random images she develops hyper intense sequences timed to music.

Matt Rocco and Matt Bennett worked together to create this final project, Warped Speed.

Emily Caffelle, Matt Bennett and Matt Rocco(thumbs up)

Luis Rodriguez

Luis worked hard on this frame by frame animation. Check it Out!


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