basic tools

Once again a great book is: Stop Motion(Craft Skills for Model Animation)

By:Susannah Shaw

Publisher:Focal Press

You can definitely find it @

These are some of the basic tools you will need to begin the course:

4 to 8 gig flash drive or

a small portable external hard drive(100 to 1250gigs)

Special animation clay – “Claytoons” is one brand

Bring your digital camera so we can see if it can connect with our software.

Plus, some students have made some cool stuff with cell phone cameras.

(there is a new stop-motion app for the iPhone)

Start collecting materials, objects, toys, mechanical things, etc. that might become subjects for animation:

a drawer in my studio

another drawer with an assortment of strange stuff

Basic tools that were used in Three-Dimensional Design:

basic hand tools

Most important:

Wire cutters

Drill and drill bits


Hot glue gun

hot glue gun

Staple gun


Vice grips

vice grips are not only a great tools but are great objects to animate!

Collection of materials that include wood, cardboard, and clothe.

Some of you may want to make small models that are sets for your films so materials like cardboard and foam-core are important. Remember,  a lot of this material can be found in dumpsters

it's all free!

which are Americas great surplus stores. Get used to scrounging and you’ll have plenty of materials.


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