Basic Audio Tutorials

This tutorial will go over the basic steps for creating and adding “unique” sounds to your experimental videos.


Here is a brand new link to help inspire your sound project:

The following pictorial will give you the basic information regarding the use of the MicroTrack hand-held recorder.

looking at it with the microphones plugged in(on the left).

Remember, when turning it on hold down the gray power button (near the top left). It can take a few seconds to turn on.

This is where the memory card goes (there is a small plastic lever/pull it out/push in)

Notice the small plastic tab towards the bottom. Pull this out and push in if you want to take the card out.

left side

The only button you need to use at this point is the menu button at the top. Pressing the menu button button will take you to the recording area.

menu button is on the very left

looking at the right side (navigation button at the top)

To record, press the “red” record button/to stop recording press the record button. To listen press the navigation button in. Make sure your headphones are plugged in and listen to your recording. If it’s not what you want press delete and start over or just record again and select the best recording  later or during editing.

looking down at the recording buttons

USB opening on the right

This is looking at the bottom edge where the small end of the USB connector goes in. Remember, the recorder recharges through the USB cable which is connected to the computer. Try to keep the battery level up. The other openings are for additional special microphones, which we will not be using for the time being.

It is designed to be portable so use it wherever you find a sound that intrigues you. I think you will be impressed with the sound quality. But use it carefully as it is only plastic.

This was purchased several years back. It is a great tool but not without several flaws. One is the battery, which has become an issue for many users (a search on Google will present lots of complaints). As a result, M-Audio, the maker and distributor, has discontinued this model and created a new one that is supposed to be more reliable. Plus there are lots of new recorders on the market.


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