Visting Artists

This semester he class will have two special animation artists coming in to work with them on their projects.

Josh Lewis recently graduated from the art department at Framingham State University and completed the Art & Motion course last spring (2010). He will share his skills in graphic design and animation helping you to see  new ways of creating composition and narrative development.

Josh Lewis/class of 2010

This is the third time I have invited Tony Fiandaca as a guest artist. His work in stop-motion is current and fresh. Tony’s presentations give students an insight into the professional world of commercial animation and film-making. His presentations always end with a one on one workshop with each student in the class.

Tony Fiandaca/the blizzard of 2011

Past visiting artists include Professor Flip Johnson from the Massachusetts College of Art animation program.

Jason Bailey(Alumni 2009) graduate of the Dynamic Media Institute. He currently is employed by Viridity.

Jason Bailey reviewing student work

View Jason’s work!

Also, check out Jason’s Data Visualization Project

In addition, the class has visited the production studio of HandCranked Films located in Waltham Massachusetts.


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