Welcome to the new Art & Motion class, Spring 2014!

Art & Motion is a stop-motion animation course at Framingham State University taught by Professor John Anderson.

Professor John Anderson

This site is dedicated to the students taking that course so they can share their work with a larger community and give each other feedback. The content will change dynamically over the next several months as the class adds and subtracts projects and generates new comments regarding those projects. Please feel free to introduce your voice into the mix or ask questions regarding anything you see on this site. In addition, I will have work from past graduates and alumni as well as links to other artists. I will also list events and screenings that might expose my students to new ideas and challenge not only  their preconceptions regarding animation but other forms of art as well.

Below are pictures from recent Art & Motion classes.

The class of 2014

The class of 2014
Starting on the left front is Ernesto, Jenna, Gary, Jaimie
In the back starting at the left is Gabrielle, Sara, Brendan.

The A&M class of 2013.

The A&M class of 2013.

Class_Spring 2012 at the Alloy Orchestra Concert / Saturday-Feb. 4 / Somerville Theatre

The new class learning how to edit in Final Cut Pro

Class of 2010 with visiting artist Tony Fiandaca

Class of 2009

Class of 2009 with Tony Fiandaca(far left) Paul Cummings(far right)